About Sarah Eyton

  • Eyton has become a darling of British fashion editors thanks mainly to her beautifully designed cuffs.

    Rob Corder Editor, Professional Jeweller Magazine

  • Sarah Eyton is definitely a setter of trend as opposed to a follower.

    Kate Walsh Editor Designers forum

  • We just can't get enough of Sarah Eyton Super Sleek 'Kismet' cuffs.

    Grazia Magazine

Sarah Eyton is a London based designer, creating jewellery and fashion accessories for men and women that make a statement. Beautiful and elegant, Sarah’s work is attention seeking and bold yet subtle at the same time. Her ideas are brought to fruition using a range of materials, focusing mainly on Perspex, leather and precious metals, silver and gold.

Although Sarah initially trained as a furniture designer, she has experienced a natural progression into jewellery and accessory design, managing to successfully scale down her designs, whilst retaining their structural impact.

The Perspex collection of bracelets, which incorporates a sumptuous range of colours, includes the original ‘Kismet’ cuff. Utilising cutting edge technology – but applied with reference to a traditional sentiment, her work is innovative and extremely contemporary. Her cuffs have attracted a growing following, increasing press attention in a range of publications including Grazia, Italian Vogue, Japanese Vogue, She,  Instyle, Glamour and Stylist.

Well known fans include Anna Friel, Pixie Geldof, Rhys Ifans, Dannii Minogue and Denise Welch, who all have pieces from Sarah’s collections.

”I find inspiration in so many things ranging from nature to architecture but I am particularly passionate about materials and the application of process to them. The juxtaposition of an engraved or brushed matt area to the high gloss of Perspex or sterling silver is an exciting contrast to me. I seek out sheet materials which can be formed with cutting edge technology or traditional methods to create a 3 dimensional shape – the possibilities are endlessly intriguing. Simplicity and truth to the material is key to my designs – within minimalism, I feel I can create a certain abundance’’

Sarah Eyton’s work is made exclusively in the U.K and is sold in select high end boutiques and Galleries in London, Sydney, L.A, New York and Mallorca.

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